May 2017 to Present

Huntington National Bank by the way of a Teksystems contract.


Being respectful to the NDA's with Huntington, I have some work samples that I can screenshare, but my projects are not scheduled to release until November 2018. 

So this post is to serve as a reflection with the bank and working as a contractor.

What I've done.

  1. My two longest projects involved redesigning a report capabilities of the business tool and an enhancements to a tool for the history of a check.

  2. Redesigning the credit card application. It was not responsive, and as a result you can not even apply for a credit card on your mobile device. I am changing that.

  3. Miscellaneous shorter projects I worked on were a responsive tour for the new website redesign and a 'persona quiz' to suggest a customers spending habit.



What I learned

Axure. I was not a fan of this tool until I started working here. But in December I built my first interactive (mid fidelity) prototype and really increased my confidence on learning new tools quickly. While I have my preferences, the best tool is whatever the team is using. 

Adaptability. This is more of a personal growth point. I go with the flow and maintain an extremely flexible attitude (I am big fan of Stoic philosophy). However I have learned that you can be too adaptable and sometimes it can be read that you will just go along with anything. Which is not the case, I am just very selective over my battles I fight.   

What I want. Design is a constant iteration, your career should be no different. While the ultimate goal is to settle into a role long term, the flexibility of contracting has benefits and getting to experience different areas of business is extremely valuable. It is kind of like user testing... but for careers. 


My main project was to redesign the credit card application (that is not public). However the above is a snippet of a responsive tour that I designed for the new layout of the Huntington website. The above images are the 3 states for the Spend Analysis tool.